Tumdra Aminey

Location : under Darla gewog.

60 KMs drive from Phuentsholing through Indian border and will reach at Indian small town Jaintey, another 5 KMs drive through the river bed and will reach at the base of the Ney (entrance gate). Finally should climb a slope for 20 minutes and reaches the Lhakhang. One lama has been appointed at the Ney through Chhukha Rabdey and all the basic requirements of infrastructures for the Lam are constructed by Chhukha Dzongkhag Administration. Solar electricity is used for lighting purpose and no mobile networks are available.

Name of the lama – Jigme Wangchuk, Mobile number – 17357200.

Importance of the Ney.

The Ney comprises of many holy saints contributions including of Jetsen Drelma, Guru Rinpochoe and Thang Thong Gyalpo, however the important part of the Ney by its name is the Nye of Aum A KA ZA TI or Aum Kangchim. The full body print of Aum Kangchim can be seen on the rock and the history says, Terton Drugdra Dorji revealed and discovered the relic a Ter of Aum Kangchim’s statue and currently can be seen at Dokhachu Goenpa, under Chapcha gewog. It is also believed that Aum Kangchim is also a god of wealth and it grants blessings of wealth and happiness, that is why annually thousands of people across the border visit the holy site during their holy event called Shivrastri. The other important part of Tumdra Amey Ney is the Dhuthrey located above the current Lhakhang. This cremation ground is believed to be one of the most sacred cremation ground out of the eight sacred Dhuthreys around the world. This is found after the findings in the biography of DrupthopThang Thong Gyalpo who has opened the curren Tumdra Amey Ney.

From the Hindu point of view, the Ney is a holy place wherein Godess Sawraswati (Lhamo Yangchen lhamo), Chumo Ganga (Matey Ganga) and Tshodha Langpo. It is also considered the place from where the hell and heaven’s ways are directed.

All the information are through Dzongkhag Cultural Officer