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Ngoedruptse Dzong, Chhukha, Bhutan.


Gewog ProfileEducational InstitutesHealth ServicesSacred Places
Geographical area: 140.6 sq. kmMiddle and Higher: 3Hospitals: 1Bjabcho Lhakhang
Population: 1,656Primary and Lower: 2BHU: 1Mebesa Lhakhang
Ethinicity: Ngalopcommunity Schools: 2ORC: 6Tsimakoti Dratshang
Household: 147NFE Centers: 3Tsimakha Lhakhang
Villages: 6Zangdopelri
Language: Dzongkha
Agriculture Center: RNR-1
Altitude: 1400-2400 meters
Crops: Potato and other vegetables
No. of Chiwogs: 5
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