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Internal Audit

The genesis of Internal Audit dates back in June 2000 with the decision of Good Governance (GG) and GGPlus. It further got reinforced by Prime Minister’s Executive Order on May 17, 2006. Subject to Section 23, sub-section (O) of Public Finance Act 2007, Ministry of Finance was given the authority in administering the Internal Audit Services. The execution of Internal Audit Services in the ministries started in 2007 by sending the first batch of Internal Auditors. Later in 2013, with the start of 11th 5 year plan, Internal Auditors were sent in the Dzongkhags as well. Currently, the Internal Audit is headed by Central Coordinating Agency (CCA) which coordinates the overall Internal Audit functions in different ministries/agencies effectively.
Internal Audit Section (IAS) is a new sector in the dzongkhag which works independently (without interfering in the management’s decision making process) to add value to the local government agencies (dzongkhag, dungkhag and gewogs) by submitting recommendations in the internal Audit Findings. SCOPE:
  • Ensure compliance to various laws, rules and regulations
  • Review adequacy and effectiveness of the internal control / management system.
  • Ensure economy, efficiency and effectiveness of operations and various management practices.
  • Review organizational goals/objectives, policies, plans and procedures.
REPORTING MECHANISMS: The Internal Audit Reports only to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO)as highlighted below:
1.Headquarter : Only to the Dasho Dzongda.
2.Dungkhag : Only to the Dasho Dungpa
3.Gewog : Only to the Gup
The success of the IAS truly depends on the support from the CEO (s) with compliance to the Internal Audit Reports and cooperation from the auditees. We believe that if the CEO(s) and the auditees fail to cooperate during the course of auditing and non compliance to the internal audit findings, the presence of internal auditor will be of no use and there won’t be a value addition to the organization. Further, management is responsible to safeguard the independence of IAS. An independent Sector which acts as an “eyes and ears of an organization” will be able to carry out it’s engagement without compromising on our objectivity and Professionalism.
Currently there is only one Internal Auditor in the dzongkhag and completion of all the auditee(s) in one financial year is a big concern. No matter what challenges are faced, the IAS office will hereby work to the best of abilities and competences.
IANamgay Pelzang
Email:pelzang@chhukha.gov.bt  Contact: 08-478812  Designation: Internal Auditor