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Ngoedruptse Dzong, Chhukha, Bhutan.


Chhukha Education Sector envisions to create an ideal ambience to provide equitable, easy access and quality education to citizens of all ages, thereby resulting in a community that is in coherence with the philosophy of Gross National Happiness.

Prepare graceful and productive youths with right values, right thinking and right skills to cope up with the developing world.

1. To formulate sound policies governing all domains of learning to guide the destiny of the Nation and aspire to become knowledge based society; worthy of our vision and our heritage, both as a means, as well as an end;

2. To build a broadly liberal, culturally sensitive, far sighted, standard-based education system that combines the best of acquired wisdom of successive generations and the results of innovation and enterprise in the diverse fields of human endeavour;

3. To create the necessary learning space and opportunities to engage the geniuses and potentials of the youths, keeping in line with the provisions of the Constitution of the Kingdom of Bhutan.

4. To build a cadre of highly motivated and competent educators who are endowed with an abiding love for children, a deep love of learning, and who passionately value education as a positive instrument of empowerment;

5. To promote a system of continuous and life-long learning through formal, non-formal and continuing education, as well as informal modes to enable our citizens to participate meaningfully and constructively in the society;

6. To enable the participation of private individuals and institutions to build model seats of learning and to inspire excellence in education in keeping with the provisions of our National Education Policy.
• Quality delivery of academic and non-academic educational activities in the dzongkhag.

• Enhance delivery of educational services with high degree of professional integrity.

• Provide educational access to all eligible category of children and adults to meet the the National Enrollment Rate (NER).

• Improve School Performance Management Systems (SPMS) through leadership training, institutionalized monitoring systems and timely periodic performance management assessment of schools.

• Focused implementation of Educating for GNH principles.

• Enhance school community bonding for education of children.

• Enhance literacy rate of the Dzongkhag through consolidation or expansion of both formal and non-formal education programs.
Overall Dzongkhag Schools Profile
HSS – 03
MSS -06
LSS -02
PS – 25
Total Schools - 36
Name:Kinley Gyaltshen
Designation: Chief DEO
Lhama Tshering
Name: Lhama Tshering
Designation:Dy. CDEO
Name: Chimi Tshewang
Designation: Dy. CDEO
Name: Gembo Dorji
Designation: Adm. Assistant