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Ngoedruptse Dzong, Chhukha, Bhutan.


The vision of the Dzongkhag Civil Registration and Census (DCRC) is delivering civil registration and census related services of the highest standard and quality to the citizen of Bhutan.
To develop and maintain accurate database on all citizens and Special Residence Permit (SRP) holders. To enhance and simplify the citizenship identity cards, SRP and other nationality documents issuance system. To improve and deliver customer care services through the optimal use of information, communication and technology.
In order to promote professionalism and customer care services, the Dzongkhag has identified the following as core values:
Honesty and Integrity
The officials should demonstrate highest integrity, honesty and discipline while discharging the services.
Customer Care Services
The DCRC should be prepared to respond to the needs of the general public by providing high quality, prompt and reliable services. A people friendly approach should be promoted.
Team Work
The DCRC should promote cohesive and affirmative inter-personal relationship amongst the officials and be responsive to the needs of the clients.
 Email: jigme@chhukha.gov.bt  Contact: 08-478818   Designation: Census Officer


 Email: chewang@chhukha.gov.bt  Contact: 08-478818   Designation: Census Assistant
 Email: chungdu007@gmail.com  Contact: 08-478818   Designation: Census Assistant