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Tender Document

NOTIFICATION: Some of the documents will be opened automatically in the browser, so we have received the complaint from the contractor very frequently that they are unable to download. So for this when the document get opened in the browser, hover your cursor towards the end and you will see the floppy sign. Click there and it will be saved.
The new tender document are uploaded in the beginning of this page.
Construction of Farm Road from Tashidingkha-Malbasey under P/Ling geowg:Download
Maintenance of Drungkhag Transit Camp:Download
Compound Light and Major Maintenance of Electrification of Pakshikha CS under bongo Gewog:Download
Providing of MS Angle with barbed wire fencing for Gewog Office at Bongo:Download
Construction of poultry layer farm under bongo gewog : Download
Maintenance of Boundary Fencing and Foot Path for Bjabchho Gewog:Download (uploaded on 25/10/17)
Construction & Providing of MS angle barbed wire fencing for PCS bongo:Download (uploaded on 24/10/17)
Construction of Livestock Sale Counter at Gedu under Bongo:Download (uploaded on 24/10/17)
Maintenance & Construction Activities of Pakshikha Central School:Download (uploaded on 24/10/17)
Maintenance of Wangdigatshel PS under Pling Dungkhag:Download
Const. of guest house at Bjabcho Goenpa: Download
Maintenance of Gup office at Darla:Download
Const. of Gallery and MS angle fencing at Tsimakha PS: Download
Maintenance of Municipal office at Tsimasham: Download
Maintenance of DYT, Partition wall in accounts and LandRecord Office: Download
Electrification at Bongo PS: Download
Tender document for 32 bedded hostel at Chungkha PS: Download
 Tender document for Maintenance of Gewog Office under Phuntsholing Gewog: Download
 Tender Document for Maintenance of Drungpa Quarter under Phuntsholing Gewog: Download
 Construction of 2 unit staff quarter at Chimuna PS under Logchina Gewog: Download
Const. of drain and improvement of FR from Tashigastshel to Bjabcho :Download (Uploaded on 30.8.2017)
Improvement of FR Etosil to Techna under Bjabcho:Download (Uploaded on 16.8.2017)
Maintenance of staff quarters at tshimalakha : Download
Maintenance of Gumauney FR under Samphelling Gewog: Download
Maintenance of Pekasey FR under Samphelling: Download
Black Topping from take off point of Shemagang under Chapcha: Download
Const. of Hawan, store & toilet at Shiva Mandi, Norgaytoed under Darla :Download (Uploaded on 16.8.2017)
Construction of sanitary landfill at Agaypang :Download (Uploaded on 16.8.2017)
12 unit classroom block and 2 unit toilet at Pakshikha CS :Download (Uploaded on 16.8.2017)
Basket ball court and 2 storied staff quarter at Pakshikha CS :Download (Uploaded on 16.8.2017)
120 bedded hostel and football ground at Pakshikha CS: Download (Uploaded on 16.8.2017)
Farm road from Bachu to Cheyul under Getana Gewog: Download (Uploaded on 16.8.2017)
Kintchen Cum store at Tsimalakha Junior Central School: Download (Uploaded on 15.8.2017)
Conversion of classroom to ECCD Tsimalakha Central School(Junior Campus): Download (Uploaded on 15.8.2017)
Maintenance of Irrigation Channel at Chongaykha under Geling Gewog: Download (Uploaded on 10.8.2017)
Construction of of compound MS angle fencing and gate at Zimla under Chapcha Gewog: Download (Uploaded on 9.8.2017)
Construction of Community Center at Zimla under Chapcha Gewog: Download (Uploaded on 9.8.2017)
Construction of retaining wall behind RNR office at Pakshikha : Download (Uploaded on 9.8.2017)
Renovation of RNR staff quarter at Pakshikha : Download (Uploaded on 9.8.2017)
Renovation of 3 unit classrooms and kitchen at Kamji Central school: Download (Uploaded on 8.8.2017)
Providing and Fixing underground cable within Dzong: Download (Uploaded on 8.8.2017)
Const. of Gabion wall, drains, RRM wall and Hume pipe along approach road for melamchenmo at Gedu: Download (Uploaded on 8.8.2017)
Const. of footpath and drain betwwen parking and Laptsakha town melamchenmo at GeduDownload(Uploaded on 8.8.2017)
Construction of drains within the melamchenmo ground at Gedu under Bongo Gewog: Download(Uploaded on 8.8.2017)
Construction of kitchen, Toilet and Lams residence at Dungoen Lhakhang under Dungna: Download(RE-TENDER)
Construction of storm water drain at Tsimasham and Tsimalakha:Download
Tender document for the regular maintenance of Ngoedruptse Dzong: Download
Tender document for the construction of ECCD at Pachu:Download
Tender doc.for Marketshed construction at pekasey under sampheling gewog:Download
Tender doc. for Const.of playfield and Retaining wall at Rangaytung: Download
Tender doc.for Development of Internal road and site dev.work at chumithang MSS: Download
Tender doc.for the Construction of water supply for Melamchenmo at Gedu under Bongo Gewog:Download
Tender doc.for the Construction of 2 unit toilet blocks for Melamchenmmo at Gedu under Bongo Gewog:Download
Tender doc.for the Construction of Kitchen cum store for Melamchenmo a t Gedu under Bongo Gewog:Download
Tender doc.for improvement of road from Chongaykha to Amrigang under Gelling Gewog: Download
Revised tender document for the of storm water drain at Tsimasham and Tsimalakha town: Download
Construction of Market shed at Ganglakha: Download
Construction of football field at Chapcha MSS: Download
Construction of water supply and area development at Shemagangkha PS: Download
Maintenance of Menchulam-Zaduna Irrigation Channel under Bjabcho gewog: Download
Construction of additional facilities at Kamji Central School: Set1 and Set 2 (Please download both the set)
Renovation of toilet and other works at Tsimalakha Hospital: Download
Construction of Naychhu bridge between Majuwa and Tashidingkha under Phuntsholing: Download
Construction of 2 nos 3 unit pour flush toilet at Wangdigatshel PS: Download
Construction of lam`s residence at Gelling Goenpa :Download(Uploaded on 9/1/2017)
Construction of fencing and retaining wall at Wangkha :Download(Uploaded on 20.1.2017)
Construction of kitchen and dinning hall at Sinchula PS: Download(Uploaded on 24.1.2017)
Construction of ECCD at Sinchula PS: Download (Uploaded on 24.1.2017)
Construction of water supply at BHU under Getana Gewog : Download(Uploaded on 26.1.2017)
Construction of Principal Quarter & 3 unit classrooms at Chimuna PS under Logchina Gewog :Download (Uploaded on 27.1.2017)
Construction of Staff Quarter at Lingden PS under Phuntsholing Gewog :Download (Uploaded on 27.1.2017)
Construction of Sub Post at Chimuna under Logchina Gewog: Download (Uploaded on 27.1.2017)
Renovation of Prototype house near Dzongdags residence :Download (Uploaded on 27.1.2017)
Tender document for the hiring of machine : Download(Darla, Logchina, Pling & Samphelling)
Tender document for the block clearance from Chungkha to Toktowom : Download
Tender document for the construction of storm water drain at Tsimasham and Tsimalakha: Download
Tender document for the construction of FR from Logchina to Lasarp : Download
Tender document for the procurement of materials : Download
Tender document for the maintenance of Dungkhag office, caretaker quarter, transit camp and Rinchending Palace : Download
Tender document for the construction of bailey bridge over Pachu river :Download
Tender document for the maintenance of BHU at Dungna: Download
Tender document for maintenance of Bongo irrigation channel : Download
Tender document for the maintenance of Tsimalakha guest house : Download
Tender document for the maintenance of old dinning hall at Chhukha Central School: Download
Tender document for maintenance of RNR Hub at Darla :Download
Renovation of academic block and boys hostel at Chhukha Central School: Download
Construction of footpath and site development at Chhukha Central School : Download
Road blockage clearance at Mengo-Damji farm road under Bongo(limited bidding): Download
Quotation call for FY 2017-2018: Download from this link Download
Quotation call for the Mess and Canteen at Pakshikha Central School : Download
Bidding Document for the hiring of maching, Pling Dungkhag : Download
Tender Document for the construction of farm road from Lorina to Lasarp under Logchina Gewog :Download
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