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Ngoedruptse Dzong, Chhukha, Bhutan.


To strengthen the accounting procedure at a grass root level.

To ensure the efficiency, accountability and transparency in managing the public resources and to have positive impact in the economy and to all the stakeholders.

Background of the Sector.

With the establishment of Dzongkhag Administration, Chhukha in the year 1987, the accounts section is also instituted with aim to ensure that the public money is being used efficiently and effectively with benefit to the public at large.

Accounts section plays vital role in coordinating and monitoring the implementation of financial rules and regulation and guiding the counterparts in the organization in the prompt and efficient performance of their tasks.

BO  Name: Bhim Raj Yogi   

 Email: bryogi@chhukha.gov.bt 

 Contact: 08-478689 

 Designation: Budget Officer

ao  Name: Nim Zam    

 Email: nzam@chhukha.gov.bt 

 Contact: 08-478785 

 Designation: Account Officer

dargay  Name: Dargay 

 Email: dargay@chhukha.gov.bt

 Contact: 08-478806

 Designation: Accountant


 jyoti  Name: Jyoti Gurung


 Contact: 08-478806

 Designation: Accountant

nima  Name: Nima Lhamo

 Email: nlhamo@chhukha.gov.bt


 Designation: Accountant

 pampha  Name: Pampha Sunwar

 Email: psunwar@chhukha.gov.bt


 Designation: Accountant

parash  Name: Parash Adhikari


 Contact: 08-478806

 Designation: Accountant


tanka  Name: Tanka Nath Mishra

 Email: tnmishra@chhukha.gov.bt

 Contact: 08-478806

 Designation: Accountant