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Ngoedruptse Dzong, Chhukha, Bhutan.


“Facilitate public procurement system which is open, transparent, and provide value of money and reinforce good practice in public procurement through sound procurement policies and well manage government properties with records”
“To promote value for money through effective and sustainable public procurement and promote green public procurement”.
  • Improve and enhance effectiveness and efficiency of public service delivery
  • Ensure professionalism and excellence in services,
  • Enhance Value of money in resource management
  • Improve and promote relationship with supplier
  • Ensure transparency and promote efficiency in public procurement.
  • Ensure property are effectively managed
  • Ensure compliance of Procurement Rules and Regulations
  • procoChoney Dorji
    Email:cdorji@chhukha.gov.bt  Contact:08-478816 Designation: Procurement Officer
    procoPema Choki
    Email:pspchoki83@gmail.com  Contact:08-478003 Designation: Store Keeper