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Ngoedruptse Dzong, Chhukha, Bhutan.

Disaster Management Program

Disaster is accidental and natural and we may not know when will it occur. In order to reduce risk for disaster and ready ourselves to face the disaster; a team from DDM, MoHCA has visited for 5 day program in Chhukha Dzongkhag.

The objective of their visit is to assure that Dzongkhag Disaster Management know about the DDM act 2013, individual roles and responsibilities as per Incidence Command System (ICS), Point of contact during disaster, Reporting system, etc. and to perform demonstrative mock drill or simulation.

The DDM focal, Dzongkhag DT Secretary presented on Dzongkhag Disaster Management Plan: Disaster Action Plan, Disaster Contingency Action Plan and the official from the team presented on Reporting and Information flow mechanism and Incidence Command System (ICS).

The team briefed the participant about the mock drill schedule. The mock drill is mainly to test the DDM plans and procedures, to test and improve response, communication and coordination mechanism, as preparedness for decision makers and disaster/emergency management teams and as part of learning and building capacities. The mock drill is scheduled on 30th November.

“Effective Communication is backbone of Emergency”

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