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Ngoedruptse Dzong, Chhukha, Bhutan.

62nd Birth Anniversary of the fourth Druk Gyalpo!


Pandora- Namgay Pelzang, Internal Auditor.

Born to king Jigme Dorji Wangchuck and Azhi Kezang Choden,
11th November 1955 embarked an unprecedented historical era!
the birth of the crown prince not only brought smile to the royal family at the Dechenchholing abode,
but added a limitless joy and pride to the Bhutanese nationwide!
At 4, you were first time seen by our forefathers.
‘He resembles like a great living Buddha! ’
was the narration shared by my father – gleeful and immortal hours of my grandfather.
yes, they were jammed inside the Tashichhodzong to offer good wishes and respects.
Groomed like a reincarnate rinpochhe,
you travelled ever horizons with our Great Third.
you were made the responsible and model son of Palden Dukpa,
with miles to head the nation forward every second.
Alas! 21st July 1972 came as turning point to the young prince!
the breaking news from Nairobi made Bhutan shatter into the dark world.
Despite our great loss of ‘Father of Modern Bhutan’ and his minor age,
he continued his fathers’ legacy as the youngest king ever crowned on 2nd June 1974.
Nations’ self-reliance and sovereignty was the crux of your coronation address
With your intensive valley development projects,
the people could reap the fruit of self- sufficiency and income generation
and yes, we do see the sustainability of this noble vision today!
The western and traditional learning that you received,
acted as a pioneering tool for the nations’ evolution.
You are looked by the world as the ‘GNH Man’
And they practice on your preach of 4 pillars and 9 domains.
Year 2003 National Day was a victorious moment!
You taught the world leaders not the ‘leadership of masses’ but the ‘leadership of self’
Yes, you are truly a great warrior and a capable Chief Commandant
Who brought home the eternal peace and happiness.
With ‘happiness’ as the ultimate yardstick for socio-economic progress,
you increased the life-span, decreased the infant mortality,
provided better education, introduced ‘high value, low volume’ tourism policy etc.
Yes, you accomplished an endless outcomes and we salute for it!
Even if the country is in dire need for fund,
you never made an attempt to sell a single sapling.
Instead, every efforts were made to conserve our unique fauna and flora
And embedded in the mother law for minimum 60% forest coverage.
Fulfilling the dreams of our forefathers from 1907,
Our great kings brought ‘reality’ for century.
Now, as the world fight for freedom and causing havoc,
Our Great Fourth gifted back the power of democracy through his golden throne.
2 years ago, we celebrated the grand 60th anniversary with lots of love and respect
And today too, as you step two step ahead in the golden ladder,
we still feel the indifference with that of the grand jubilation,
And continue to have the true immortal heart of father to son ‘Tha- dam-tse’ .
Yes, you are the Pandora who erased all the evils to good
Yes, you are the visionary leader who gifted democracy to the people
Yes, you are the great commandant who brought back home the peace and happiness
And yes, you are the outstanding scholar who taught the world on great principles.
With the ‘THANK YOU’ word carved inside the Ngoedruptse hearts,
We all join the nation to offer ‘kami-tongchay’ and prayers.
We wish for Your Majesty’s’ long life filled with ample health and happiness
And be our eternal guardian like Yeshi Gyempo.
Having blessed with your guidance and noble wishes;
And continue receiving the same from our King, Queen and Gyelsey
We owe to uphold the Article 8 on ‘Fundamental Duties ’
And contribute in fulfilling your noble wishes of eternal Happiness.