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Happy Birthday, Your Highness the Gyalsey!


Happy Birthday, Your Highness the Gyalsey!

                                                                                                  -Namgay Pelzang

 Sitting on the parched meadow of Wangchhu premises

With ecstatic mind filled with the sense of pride

And a yearlong preparations and felicitations,

Finally, the D-day pendulum hit to mark the 60th anniversary of our great fourth.


With our heads bowed down and ears heading attentively to the audio sound,

The quote: ‘Her Majesty the Gyeltsuen was expecting a son!’

Provided an avenue for tearful eyes filled with excitement;

Yes, 2016 was indeed a ‘state of euphoria year!’


Like a patriotic arm force heading towards the war zone,

Citizens geared up for the national history.

His Holiness presided the religious ceremonies followed by the Hindu Communities,

Others observed their sacred Bhutanese traditions with butter lamps, wishes and prayer flags.


‘When will our charming prince born?

What will be his name?

How does he resemble? ’

Thus hunted the questions in the minds of tens and thousands Bhutanese.


With the culmination of the collective good karma

And fruition of the Triple Gem blessings,

5th February 2016 embarked a new historical ear

Yes, the dawn emerged on the continuity of the magnanimity and greatness of the wangchuck dynasty!


The name as Jigme Namgyel Wangchuk added a lineage to the Wangchuck Dynasty.

It was bestowed from the historical fortress of Pungthang Dewachenpoi Phodrang

And the auspicious occasion of Zhabdrung Kuchoe on 16th April 2016.

Yes, our awaited and unanswered query has been made!


A pat on the back to the medical team!

We could feel your hardship and sacrifices for the successful outcome;

Yes, you all have become a great companion to our Royal Family and the people,

And our sense of pride mounted to see the group in our national television.


Aligned with the birth of Guru Rinpochhe and 400 years of Zhabrung’s arrival,

You descended from the heaven to be the ‘prince of destiny’

Your birth was not only a special chan-jay to our brave commandant

But a golden opportunity to renew our loyalty and devotion to the Tsa-wa-sum.


To uphold the GNH pillars and principles

Two bodhi trees and 108 trees of different species were planted.

Religious ceremonies were continued by the Dratsang and the Hindu Communities

And surprisingly, shelldon, dzongkhag animated series will be aired for our kids!

May the butter lamps we lit brightness your entire life

May the prayers we offered curb you from all disasters

May the noble deeds we did brings happiness to your people and;

May you live like a swan to uphold the Buddhist principles and make Bhutan a leading leader example!

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